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Proofreading & Revision

I proofread for grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic accuracy and consistency, and I take on the role of your audience, providing constructive feedback, questions, and revision suggestions for organization and flow, message and tone.

Not sure whether your words pack a punch?  Whether that comma will make or break that sentence?  Whether your message is getting across in a logical and engaging way?


Then hire me to proofread and revise.


I have 22 years of experience teaching writing at the middle school, high school, and college levels.  As a teacher and writing center consultant at Marquette University and Waukesha County Technical College, I worked with first-year and adult learners, physical therapy students and master's degree candidates--students at all levels, in all disciplines.  I even co-authored a writing manual that was used by the Physical Therapy Department.  As a teacher at Pius XI High School and The Prairie School, I taught courses at all levels that involved grammar and mechanics, rhetorical strategies, creative writing, and technical writing. In addition, I have taught workshops for middle school students.


While proofreading and editing for accuracy and consistency is fairly straightforward, I also work on the assumption that the client is the author and I am the guide when it comes to offering feedback, questions, and revision suggestions.  No changes are made until my clients and I have consulted, understood, and agreed. While I would love it if my clients kept needing my services, this process should also be instructive--so the client learns and can make similar decisions in the future!

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