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Need a new personal or business website?  Is your old website getting a little musty?  Not sure whether it's informative, engaging, and moving?  When was the last time you updated the mission, vision, or photos?


Then hire me to create or maintain your website.


I won't lie: I'm no coder.  And I don't even know what HTML stands for (it stands for "HyperText Markup Language, by the way).  But I am proficient with platforms like Wix or Squarespace.  The first is completely customizable, the second more limited and template-driven, but both can be manipulated to fit your design and content needs and desires.



My top five considerations when designing a website--whether for myself, my students, or an organization--are



  • Audience (e.g., informed, engaged, moved)

  • Balance (e.g., text and images)

  • Consistency (e.g., colors, fonts, and message)

  • Difference (e.g., distinguishable from other sites)

  • Ease of Navigation (e.g., streamlined and obvious)



Sample website: Teens Grow Greens



Website Design

I design attractive and easy-to-navigate websites using the customizable Wix platform to meet your needs and to emphasize your style, voice, and message to reach your audience effectively.

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