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Need help developing transformative curriculum that meets the needs of 21st century learners?  Feeling like you've been doing the same old thing with students?  Are they feeling the same way--and letting you know?


Then hire me to critique, transform, or create

your curriculum.


As an educator for 22 years, I've worked both in the classroom and out to create innovative curriculum for students from 4th grade to college.  Never one to pull an old lesson plan out of a dusty file cabinet and re-use it year after year, I began experimenting from the very beginning with how to integrate authentic, real-world, transformative learning into my students’ study of literature and the expression of ideas. 


Examples include


  • the city-wide Milwaukee Spotlight Student Film Festival, which ran from 2004-2009 and helped launch the film careers of multiple young people,

  • the C.L.A.S.S. program at The Prairie School, which still brings together 4th-12th graders for service learning and social justice, and

  • the Senior Capstone program of individualized research projects at The Prairie School, a year-long discovery experience that I introduced three years ago.



Click on my portfolio to get a glimpse of my past work, both personal and professional.  In it, you will find innovative, often co-creative reading and writing projects, including an emphasis on visual organizers as an analysis and synthesis tool; visual and performing arts integration; and even game development.


Sample curriculum revision: Teens Grow Greens



Curriculum Development

I utilize best practices in 21st century education to create new curriculum or enliven existing curriculum that engages, challenges, and emphasizes collaboration, co-creation, and real-world experiences.

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