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Content Creation

I learn about your mission, vision, and story so that I can help produce content that informs, engages, and moves--whether it's an important email or website content, marketing copy or a blog story.

Are you stuck? Out of time?  Reexamining your current content and looking for something fresh?  Haven't updated it since 2014?  Haven't written a new blog for six months?


Then hire me to write for you. 


Not only did I teach writing for 22 years, I also wrote with my students on a consistent basis: very little that I asked them to do did I not try out myself.  This showed them that I was human, not some kind of writer god.  Not that I didn't have more awareness of myself as a writer--my quirks, my weaknesses, my strengths--but it was important for them to see my process so they could uncover their own.  Currently, I write copy for many projects, personal and otherwise, including the online literary magazine RelevantMilwaukee and The Pfister Hotel's blog (as their 2016-17 Narrator-in-Residence); emails, press releases, and website content for ZIP MKE; and educational content for Teens Grow Greens.  I bring a straightforward but poetic style to all my writing.


I will first learn as much as I can about you and, if applicable, your organization--its history, its components, its key players--and understand what makes it tick.  


Then I can work with you to identify or create the big picture--key principles, key goals, common language--that will affect every word choice, every message, every face-to-face interaction going forward, bringing consistency and force to what you want communicated.



Sample blogs: The Pfister Hotel and RelevantMilwaukee

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